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Your cannabinoid product has an origin story, and you can enjoy the epic tale with


TRAYC (pronounced “tray-see”) is a revolutionary mobile app that tracks all stages of growth and processing for Cannabinoid products, creating a chain of custody to radically elevate compliance, security, and transparency.

Trayc app running on phones

TRAYC answers all your supply chain and authenticity questions:

  • Where do my seeds come from?
  • Who farms the hemp?
  • How does extraction work?
  • Where is my product refined?
  • Who designs the formulations?
  • What facility independently tests my raw material?
  • Who packages my finished product?
  • How do I know if there is THC or CBD in my product?
  • How can I see a lab results on every step of the process?

Trace the story of your Cannabinoid product on a captivating, interactive seed-to-table exploration.

1 Agriculture

Specially chosen seeds are cultivated, harvested and shucked into biomass.



3rd party lab results to verify Cannabinoid potency, pesticides, solvents.

3 Distillation

Crude oil can be further refined into a distilled form.



Through a safe and technical centrifugal partition chromatography, raw material gets separated into component parts.



Scientists research and develop special formulations for specific uses.



The ingredient list comes together in a finished product that is 3rd party tested for purity.


Download the TRAYC App and see your journey

Here’s how it works:

Scan the QR code on your product to receive instant batch information, including the day your product’s hemp was harvested, the seed that started it all, info on the facility that processed and formulated your purchase, the lab results from 3rd party testing verifying cannabinoid potency, and the absence of pesticides and solvents.

Plus, see the profiles of the people who contributed to the exceptional product you hold in your hand.

  • The Digital Trading Card is a gamified and branded background and frame.
  • The user experience is simple, intuitive, interactive, and enticing.
  • The system provides complete transparency, improved compliance, and additional security by cataloging each step of the batch journey.
  • Each partner (farmer, extractor, formulator, etc.) tells the story of the batch and has the opportunity to offer special messages.
  • Using blockchain technology, the chain of custody is intact and protected, assuring the highest quality product and a true origin story.